About Us

The Grassroots Game Conference (October 14th-20th) is specifically formed to bring more entities and individuals into the creative use of game development. It isn’t a game industry/tech conference and it isn’t a “gamer” conference.

If you are interested in understanding game usage, having games made, or making games for any purpose, GGC is intended for you, and you are warmly invited to participate. The most important thing to know about this conference is that it’s intended to be comfortable and engaging for everyone. There is no bar for entry except to be curious about games.

This conference emphasizes games made by small teams, because we believe that to be a more valuable resource, as well as a more productive structure for creators. It is also an approach that is credibly viable in a region rich in creative and technical resources, but without a history of large scale game development.

This is the second year of the conference, and once again, presenters will be joining us from across the country, and Europe. We will have top people in their fields, and significant announcements, including new initiatives in education and professional game creation in this region.

There will be full-day Tracks in Games and Health, Civic Engagement, Women in Games, Music, Art and Teaching Game Development in K12. Each is keynoted by a noted figure in their field, and organized in coordination with expert entities. Women in Games will be aligned with events the following day at Moore College, and in aggregate these events form the largest conference on women in games.

On the evenings of that Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we are coordinating with 8static, who will be launching the largest Chiptune Music Festival in North America, with performers coming from as far away as Japan.

Tickets are only $20 per one-day track, or $10 for students. Most events are held in the First Unitarian Church, on Chestnut at 21st, but please check the website for specifics, as some events will be elsewhere.